Kaikaha Group

The Challenge

Kaikaha Group is the parent company of four sub-brands across a range of industries – including chemicals and equipment, raw ingredients, and garage door solutions. Kaikaha’s owner connected with me after attending a Business Owners Forum I facilitated. The company was spending thousands a month on digital advertising, but wasn’t sure they were getting any bang for their buck. They initially engaged me to review their advertising and promotions – and our business relationship only grew from there.

The Solution

I undertook a comprehensive review of Kaikaha Group’s current advertising, proposition, and data, and made a series of recommendations based on what I found. The business had been working with digital ad partners, and had trouble making heads or tails of conversion rates, click-through rates and impressions. I stepped in to help interpret the data, and circle back to whether it was truly adding value.

From there, the projects have kept on rolling. We’ve developed a website plan, based on solid information architecture and a strong brand proposition. I paired Kaikaha with partners from my trusted network, including a web designer and digital advertising partner. Throughout, I’ve been able to show the team where the true value lies – providing focus, clarity, and process along the way.

Our latest project is the Kaikaha masterbrand. We’re building the brand from the ground up – working out strategy, values, and purpose. And above all, we’re getting clear on the business’s ‘why’. So we can create a website and comms with a crystal clear message and compelling positioning.