PHS Innovate

The Challenge

Scott Package Handling Systems (PHS) were referred to me by a business consultant within my network and faced several challenges that hindered their growth potential. Through engagement with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, they had realised that in order to capitalise on growth opportunities, they needed to focus on marketing. However, the company lacked a dedicated marketing resource, and the existing staff members had neither the time nor the expertise in marketing. Moreover, their marketing materials and branding looked tired and dated, failing to make a positive impact on their target audience. Another hurdle was that their name sounded similar to that of a competitor, causing confusion in the marketplace about the two companies.

The Solution

As the Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (VCMO) for Scott PHS, I undertook several strategic initiatives to address their marketing challenges and drive growth.

  1. Marketing workshops and 90-day plan: To begin, I held two marketing workshops with the leadership team to gain insights into their business goals and align them with marketing objectives. Based on these discussions, I developed a comprehensive 90-day plan that outlined key marketing actions to be prioritised over the next three months. This plan served as a roadmap for executing marketing initiatives effectively.
  2. Rebranding and name change: Recognising the need for a fresh and distinctive brand identity, one of the initial actions taken was to undergo a name development process. After careful consideration, we decided to change the company name from Scott PHS to PHS Innovate. This new name not only differentiated them from their competitor but also conveyed their commitment to innovation and forward-thinking solutions. The name change was accompanied by the development of a modern visual identity, which was applied consistently across all company touchpoints, including the website and communication materials.
  3. Multimedia content production: To enhance their marketing collateral and communicate their solutions effectively, we produced a series of videos showcasing their automated robotic systems in action. These videos not only highlighted the technological prowess of PHS Innovate but also served as compelling marketing assets to engage potential clients. Additionally, we created client testimonial videos to instil confidence in the company’s capabilities and build trust with prospective customers. These videos were prominently featured on the website to provide social proof of PHS Innovate’s expertise and customer satisfaction.
  4. Targeted lead generation campaigns: With a revitalised brand and engaging multimedia content in place, we have now shifted focus to lead generation. Utilising targeted marketing campaigns, we’re aiming to generate new business opportunities and propel growth. By leveraging modern marketing techniques such as marketing automation, CRM marketing and digital advertising, we’re now reaching out to potential customers with strategic messaging and a compelling call-to-action, further expanding PHS Innovate’s market presence.