Apex Advice

The Challenge

In late 2021, a trusted partner within my network sent Apex Advice Group my way. The professional financial services company’s marketing resources were limited, and they realised that improving their marketing would be critical to their growth. To get started, Apex needed a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. A plan that would go beyond the tactical, and cover every division of the company – including mortgages, insurance, health insurance, and investments. A plan that would put their marketing and branding ahead of their competitors, and help them get where they needed to go.

The Solution

I started by holding a series of strategic marketing workshops with Apex’s directors. Using the data and insights gathered during our sessions, I dove into in-depth customer research, and developed a strategic marketing plan based on my findings. The plan was well-received, with Apex’s new CEO – fresh from a decade as ANZ’s Head of Private Banking – saying it had everything he’d expect to see at a Big 4 bank.

The next cab off the rank was redefining the Apex brand. I facilitated meetings with multiple brand agencies, to select a partner who would build a new brand strategy to clarify the company’s positioning and build brand awareness. Cross-selling and client retention were major pillars of the marketing plan, so we placed customer service at the heart of the business. I offered guidance on how to make the most of the right technical solutions, which would increase engagement optimisation and efficiency, and maximise customer value.

With a great product, strong appetite for growth, and expert marketing guidance, Apex is now poised to transform into a tech-savvy and customer-centric business.