your marketing

Great marketing
takes more than
a great logo.

It takes strategy. It takes knowing which arena your business needs to play in, and how it’ll win once it gets there. It takes building up your team’s skills and capabilities. It takes doing the groundwork, then going for marketing gold.

That’s what Xennial is here for.

Hi, I’m James Smith.
Founder and Director
of Xennial.

I’m a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (VCMO) and marketing expert. I’ve spent the last decade working directly with businesses that put the ME into SME. Giving their marketing teams the mentoring, guidance, and tools they need to grow.


Trust a trained marketer with over 20 years’ experience helping over 70 businesses.


Create meaningful business change through proven strategies and research-based thinking.


Work together one-on-one to build your marketing team’s capabilities.

What’s a ‘Virtual Chief Marketing Officer’?

As a VCMO, I bring your business all the benefits of high-level strategic marketing, without the overheads of an in-house marketing director. I see your business through fresh eyes. So you can see the opportunities for growth, and together we can create a plan to make them happen.

From big picture
to tiny details.

My wide skillset covers every angle of your business’s marketing – from broad strategic overview, right down to the finest technical details. Whether you need to create a full-scale marketing plan, transform your customer experience, or build brand awareness, I can help.