The Challenge

Venerdi is a family of brands of gluten free breads, bagels, and pizza bases. When Venerdi first reached out in 2018, they’d recently worked with an agency to create modern and vibrant new-look brands. The trouble was, they didn’t know how to execute them. The company had just one in-house marketing executive, who was responsible for a number of brands. They needed outside expertise to offer support, and help share the new Venerdi brands with their target audiences.

The Solution

I started by helping Venerdi bring their brands to life. I connected Venerdi with specialist partners, who worked with their existing agency to execute key pieces of brand content. From there, our work evolved into research. We ran a number of focus groups, designed to make sure our marketing was based on real customer insights, and not just gut instinct. Armed with these insights, we’ve worked on everything from ad campaigns and photoshoots, to websites and video content. Social media and email marketing, digital advertising and PR, and just about everything in-between.

We’ve built a relationship based on collaboration – not only with Venerdi’s marketing executive, but also their sales director, CEO, Founder, and external business consultants. So from operations to sales, the company’s marketing takes every arm of the business into account. The proof is in the numbers, with revenue way up across the business, and brand awareness steadily growing in the Australian market.

Through our work together, Venerdi has been able to develop their marketing capability and consistently up their game. Whether it’s brand awareness, eCommerce, or customer retention, Venerdi has a drive for continuous improvement. And they just keep getting better and better.