Ascot Cardiology Group & Ascot Angiography

The Challenge

Ascot Angiography is one of my longest-running clients. The experts in cardiac care first came to me back in 2012, needing a rebrand and a new visual identity. When Ascot Cardiology Group (ACG) became a new entity, its brand identity – and brand awareness – needed to be built from scratch. For both businesses, the ultimate goal was to foster an outstanding reputation amongst their GP target market. So that GPs would refer their clients to ACG and Ascot Angiography for treatment.

The Solution

Before ACG was formed, each of the cardiologists operated in a silo under their own limited companies. As part of the brand strategy, we unified all the cardiologists under one masterbrand. Bringing the team together under a common banner meant more streamlined and efficient marketing, and helped build strong brand awareness amongst GPs. I created a robust marketing plan, and worked with the company’s internal team to make it happen. The results were exponential growth – with ACG growing from 5 to 10 cardiologists, and business bursting at the seams.

Symposiums and speaking events have played a major role in brand awareness amongst GPs. When I first started working with ACG, they were paying an external company to run these events. I worked with the team to bring the event management in house, and together we ran the symposium series without a hitch for 6 years. In our time together we’ve worked on a wide range of projects – including branding, website builds, and direct marketing. A particular highlight was the creation and implementation of an intensive SEO plan, which saw the company’s YOY traffic go up a remarkable 47%.

Building strong relationships across two entities and many multiple stakeholders was no mean feat. But over the years, we’ve formed a close and trusting partnership. All of us working towards a common goal, and seeing the success that comes with it.